ANGKOR SILK FAIR   February 1 4  '07

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Silkscreen Printing Techniques and design demonstrations throughout the day.

“MODERNITY” Fashion Show of latest silk designs by Eric Raisina
(tickets can be purchase at CSF booth at the Fair and before the show)

 8:30 – 9:15 pm
sunday feb 4

Children’s art play – all day, ages 4 – 12, make your own toys and playful art: origami, “toss the thongs” (paint your own thongs for this popular Cambodian children’s game), paint your own silk handkerchief, painting on wooden blocks and wooden toys, painting on handmade mulberry paper, etc.
(entrance $3/hour plus materials ($2-5), with professional art teacher, limit per hour 6 persons)

Wine and food tasting ($4)
3 – 4 pm

Giant Puppet Parade (Made by 300 children in Cambodia) raising awareness about education and the environment

6:00 pm
Green Gecko Children's Project of Photography and Animation Performance
6:30 pm

“HORIZONS” Fashion Show the future of textile designs
by visiting designer and CSF members
(tickets can be purchased at the CSF booth at the Fair or before the show.)

8:30 – 9:15 pm

Fair entrance is free and open to all public. Tickets for noted performances and events can be reserved or purchased in advance due to limited number. Contact the Cambodian Silk Forum, email:  or  telephone: +855 (0) 12 790 136. Contact CSF Members for more information.  The Cambodian Silk Forum is a not-for-profit independent organization working to support and promote the development of the silk sector in Cambodia.




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